What You Need to Know About Bathroom Design in Charlotte NC

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What You Need to Know About Bathroom Design in Charlotte NC

Bathroom design | Charlotte NC takes more than just a good eye and a few pretty finishes. You need a solid understanding of plumbing, electrical, and structural issues, especially if you’re remodeling or moving a waste stack or load-bearing wall.

Choose a professional bath designer and installer with experience handling these issues. Ask them to show you photos of previous projects and explain how they solved problems.


The lighting in a bathroom isn’t just functional, it’s a major part of the room’s character. It should be dramatic, luxurious, and fun. It should also be safe, ensuring that people can navigate the space without tripping or bumping into things.

Layering the lighting is key so that each area can handle its own varying needs. This involves using different types of fixtures that operate in coordination with each other, including recessed lights (ideally positioned along the room perimeters), decorative flush mounts or pendants and even chandeliers for an upscale hotel feel.

Nothing beats natural daylight, which can have multiple health benefits by regulating your circadian rhythms and promoting more restful sleep. If your home can accommodate it, consider maximizing your bath’s exposure to the outdoors through large windows or skylights.


The fixtures in bathrooms provide functionality and help set the bathroom’s style. They range from simple to extravagant, with options for every budget.

Faucets are a great place to show off your personal flair, with finishes that run the gamut from shiny chrome to bronze and nickel. The more modern look of stainless steel also adds luxury to any bath, and brushed finishes are forgiving of fingerprints and water spots.

Sinks also come in many styles, from elegant cherry vanities with porcelain double sinks to sleek console designs. Marble counters fit in with many bathroom aesthetics, combining natural tones and providing a unique countertop surface for the sink.

Tubs can be luxurious Kohler Whirlpool tubs or Elizabethan Classic clawfoot tubs. They’re an excellent way to relax after a long day and a premium addition to any bathroom. Handshowers and body jets can add a spa-like experience to any bathtub.

Universal Design

A bathroom remodel should be about more than just a makeover. It should be a way to improve the quality of your life and increase your home’s value.

A qualified kitchen and bath design professional can help with layout, space planning, and material selection. Using these elements, a designer can create a new look for your primary bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and powder rooms that is both functional and stylish.

For example, this Belmont Master Bath remodel uses an all-white color scheme that adds a luxurious feel to the space. It also uses different textures to add visual interest. A design like this can offer a timeless appeal that will last for years to come.


Whether you’re designing a bath for one or more occupants, it’s important to think about how everyone will use the space. This includes ensuring that the layout supports a sense of privacy and that there’s enough room for towels, personal care items, and cleaning supplies.

A repurposed bookcase makes an ideal bathroom storage solution, especially when used as a DIY display for pretty decorative items like candles and soaps. This metal shelving unit has a sleek design that works in many bathrooms, although the semi-circular frame lends a more modern feel to this particular example.

A large linen closet is a luxurious addition to any bath, while a simple floor storage cabinet can be a great choice for a small space. This no-nonsense design from VASAGLE has just enough detailing on the doors to give it a hint of coziness, and it can accommodate all sorts of essentials like extra rolls of toilet paper and scented candles.

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